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How To Enter A Static Exhibit

You've sewn, baked, or raised your exhibit for the Meade County Fair. Now what? Entering a static exhibit at the Meade County Fair is easy. Open up the fair book, which can be found at many locations in your town, on our Facebook page or under the "Fair Info" tab on this website. Find the Department that your project fits under. There are lot numbers listed under each Department. Find the lot number that fits your project. Keep that lot number handy by writing it down on a piece of paper. If you are unsure of which Department or Lot your exhibit should be displayed under, Fair Board members will be available the day of the fair to assist you.

When you show up to the fair, have your exhibit and lot number handy. You will be required to "check-in" to the fair. After paying a single $5 entry fee to enter your exhibit(s), you will be given an exhibitor number. All of your exhibits will have this number on the tag. Next, there will be tables with each Department letter shown. Take your exhibit to the Department it will be exhibited under. There, a fair board member or volunteer will accept your exhibit for judging and display.

That's it! You have successfully entered a static exhibit at the Meade County Fair.

Your exhibit will be judged and then displayed for public viewing. After the fair is over, you will be required to pick up your exhibit to take home. If you were awarded any prizes, you will be able to pick up your prize before heading home as well.

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